Huolenpitoa - huomennakin.

Caring starts with local services.

For many of us, our home municipality is our local community; it’s where we are anchored, and where we build this country  to the best of our abilities.

In the future, caring will increasingly start in our local communities. Their most important task is to provide everyday services. Our children must be provided an opportunity to good early education and safe schools near home. The Finnish basic education system must remain number one globally.

Equal access across the country to different levels of education is a key requirement for Finland’s success and integrity. In the increasingly tough international competition, this Northern nation needs cutting-edge skills and competence to succeed.

In recent years, we have seen growing marginalisation of Finnish children and adolescents in terms of wellbeing. Help and support to families must be provided sooner rather than later to prevent bigger problems. One of the solutions we propose is bringing help and assistance to the homes of those in need.

Measures to prevent the marginalisation of youth, especially boys, should start in the local community. These measures include providing more recreational opportunities and organising youth community outreach programmes. They are pinpointed to help those in the most vulnerable position.

No-one is to be left alone.