Huolenpitoa - huomennakin.

Towards a caring community.

Caring and looking after each other is a legacy we Finns pass from generation to generation. We all know countless stories of heroic acts by ordinary people; acts of support and caring for those less fortunate.

We need more caring and responsibility, for ourselves and for our fellow human beings. Let’s all rise to the challenge, and contribute to a more caring community. Do you know your neighbour? Have you offered to help an old person with their daily chores? Anyone can be an everyday hero – all it takes is your time and effort.

If we support and help each other, we will pull through, solve our problems, and make our daily life safer.

Everyday heroism should start where you live.

Local residents should be able to build a community that reflects who they are and what they want. Everyone should be provided an opportunity to build this country – together.

To find out who your local Centre Party candidates in the municipal election are, and to read more about our solutions for a caring community, go to In social media, your key to a more caring community is #huolenpitoa. Let’s build a better Finland together.

Municipal election 2017
Election day 9 April | Early voting in Finland 29 March–4 April and abroad 29 March–1 April |

Share your thoughts, participate,
and contribute #huolenpitoa

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